Impressive pictures from the Yoga Retreat of Fotini Bitrou in Sri Lanka, December 2019

Impressive pictures from the Yoga Retreat of Fotini Bitrou in Sri Lanka, December 2019

Sri Lanka, which is an island in the Indian Ocean, hosted a special Yoga Retreat with Fotini Bitrou, full of images and experiences. A once in a lifetime trip, on the holy island of Buddha, with a large group of people for all over the world, combining leisure with daily yoga practice

Ceylon, as the country used to be called, according to legend, was created by the tear of God, who teared up when he kicked Adam and Eve out of paradise. That tear fell on earth and thus created the “Blessed Land”. The beauty of this country is indescribable, it has something exotic and raw that you realize from the very first moment. The trip itself is an endless tale, in which your soul is traveling along with your body. Only love and pride for these people.
In this earthly paradise, we organized a 10-day yoga retreat in four different parts of the island, two of which are coastal, Negombo and Beluwala and two inland, Dambulla and Kandy.

The energy of those places was unique if one thinks that the green landscape full of palm trees was alternating between lakes, rivers and seas during our daily practice
There were also several excursions to the heritage sites of Dambula, the ancient cities of Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya, the Buddhist temple of Dalada Maligawa in Kandy (the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic), a tea factory, the elephant orphanage, Pinawella, and activities in nature with canoes, buffalo rides, testing of the local cuisine, a visit to a spice plantation and the port-city fortress of Galle with the beautifully restored buildings from the colonial period.

The most important thing we got from this trip was the people. A very hospitable nation, with courtesy, tranquility, dignity, ecological awareness, in an environment that was spotless and despite their troubles, you would always receive their smile generously. I will never forget how they would always ask humbly if we liked their island and urge us proudly to share our experience there when we go back to our country. It was very touching!
As the Sinhalese people say when they welcome you, ayubowan: to have longevity.
The yoga retreat was in collaboration with Ayama Retreats & Holidays. Many thanks to Voula and the local guide Dinesh for the impeccable organization.
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Another successful yoga retreat by Fotini Mpitrou that filled us with amazing images and unforgettable moments!

Thank you very much Fotini Mpitrou and Petros Petritis!


Amazing retreat, incredible images. I am at work right now and I’m going through all the pictures and I feel incredibly happy I got to experience this: I’m looking forward to the next trips


Sri Lanka, images of a country I always wanted to visit. Images I put in my luggage and will always carry with me. An incredibly beautiful tropical landscape, happy people in a complete harmony with the kind of life we have forgotten.

The endless ocean, the aroma of tea, cinnamon, vanilla, white jasmine, the shine of the precious gems, the colors of the silk, of smiles of the children, the charm of the lake, the boat ride with the pirogue, all are a part of Sri Lanka!


Sri Lanka, leaving along with the beautiful images, we will also never forget the kindness of your people!!!


Everything comes to an end. A trip full of unique experiences. Thank you Petros Petritis and Fotini Mpitrou for the opportunities you give us to live such strong moments.


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the experience we shared, I wish you all a happy holiday and I hope to see you all soon!!!


And as every trip comes to an end, so did ours… It came with smiles, memories, a tan and waiting to “go home” … a beautiful experience from which I will mostly remember the beautiful people we met…

We lost track of the days in this paradise on earth… it is indeed an earthly paradise with so much things in common with Corfu… Another positive experience from Asia.

Days 2 to 7, losing count of days with so many pics and scenery to absorb – an eye-opening experience from many perspectives…

Enjoy… I certainly did!


Good morning guys! Another trip came to an end and filled our souls with beauty! Wonderful and warm people who live in a beautiful country! Thank you Fotini and Petros for the right choice and organization! Thank you Voula and Dinesh for the proper implementation. To more like this! All the best and to more beautiful escapes to all of us!


Another wonderful retreat – just like all of Fotini’s retreats – came to an end leaving us with incredible memories and beautiful moments!! Have a great holiday and I hope we meet again soon on another wonderful trip!!


Good afternoon… back to base… thank you all for the beautiful moments we shared… I’m glad I got to meet you!


Thank you Fotini for your ethics and professionalism!