A yoga retreat straight out of a fairytale, Monemvasia January 2020

A yoga retreat straight out of a fairytale, Monemvasia January 2020

Our first yoga retreat for 2020, which is a thematic practice, awaited us in a place that looked like it could only exist in a fairytale. Fairies and princes could be living there in the past, in a beautiful palace with wonderful gardens and horse-drawn carriages. This is how all this magic is explained. It was the Kinsterna Hotel of 5*, next to the legendary medieval castle town of Monemvasia, that hosted our gateway for the weekend of “Phota”.
During our stay we had the opportunity to tour the Mansion, take a wonderful class on soap making, creating our own soap, explore the castle of Monemvasia and try the delicious local flavors.
In a space, where we added our touch as well, with our floor in wood color, we shared 4 practices for all levels, with the element of water that suits in the winter.

The practices had 4 themes:

  1. The body, mind and soul are an indivisible whole.
  2. Our absolute connection with nature and the external environment.
  3. With the power of self-healing within us.
  4. With prevention which is the best cure.
We focused on the gastrointestinal system with organs that take part in it, the spleen and the stomach.
What better way to start the year than with a little exercise in one of the most beautiful and energetic parts of Greece?
This was the first out of the ten planned Yoga retreats for 2020 in Greece and the exotic Cuba. Click HERE to see more…



First of all, happy birthday, our teacher! I am grateful to be here in this fairytale like place! Great hospitality and organization! I’m going back full of new experiences, flavors, colors, smells! See you soon
Our beloved Fotini thank you from my heart for this wonderful experience – retreat. The place and the scenery were like they were out of a fairytale. We all recharged our batteries and are going back full of new experiences. Fotini and Petro we hope you’re well and you organize more excursions. We love you!
For me, it was the best retreat until the next one of course. Personally, Fotini you transmitted calmness and inner wisdom. I don’t know how to say this… thank you! Happy birthday!
Every time with you is a brand-new experience
A wonderful experience once again… thanks to your professionalism. Everything was wonderful.
We had a wonderful time, thanks to your contribution. Great organization and people. Happy birthday and we are waiting for our next trip with you.
Our beloved Fotini, (and let Petros say whatever he wants to say…), thank you for the hours we spent together in unique places for yoga! Personally, I always get power and positivity out of your classes and your life lessons. I hope you’re doing well!!!
Fotini, happy birthday. I hope you’re always happy and healthy! So, the first thing I noticed about you is that you are a very sweet person full of positive energy (you wouldn’t be able to teach yoga otherwise)! As far as the organization is concerned, I want to say a huge bravo to Petros and you as well for the quality, the consistency and the flexibility throughout the whole excursion!
Finally, I will say that it was 3 full days. The room was really inspiring, as was everything you taught us regarding energies and channels! I’m leaving full of energy to begin my year! I hope to see you soon and I will definitely be back for the next retreat!!
Happy birthday Fotini, keep on transmitting your light! It was 2 days but they were enough to fill up with positive energy and serenity! The organization was impeccable as always, the space was wonderful and the hotel and people were kind and sweet! A great start to the new year! I wish you all the best.
I think the year started in the best way possible for me and my family. The energy of the space, the kindness of the people of Kinsterna, your care exceeded our expectations. Fotini, you are unique, but you also have a great helper and you make a good team. Thank you for this experience and we are waiting for the next one. Have a wonderful year!
Great start full of positive energy to the new year!! Thank you for the great organization and care from both of you! I will always have in mind that we are observers of ourselves and of everything that’s happening. Fotini, keep on shining. See you soon!
Truly, 2020 could not have started in a more beautiful way for me! Fotini, yoga and meditation were a great experience, which created a unique sense of fullness. I will also keep in mind what L.M. said in her comment and I would love it if you could remind us of the phrase when we face obstacles when meditating… Thank you and I hope to see you again later in the year!