Purefitness by Fotini Bitrou (www.aeginagreece.gr promo)

Purefitness by Fotini Bitrou (www.aeginagreece.gr promo)

Live Different… Be Pure

FREE online 10 Minutes Fitness Programme

We all want to be slimmer, to fit into a smaller clothing size, to look healthier, and to glow with an aura that comes only from mental and physical fitness. Of course, it is much easier to talk about losing weight than it is to do it. But with the FREE online “10 minutes fitness” burning programme of Purefitness by Fotini Bitrou, we don’t have to just talk about getting into shape, we can do something about it!

The “10 Minutes fitness” exercises (called asanas) will provide toning and strengthening elements to keep the body in top physical condition. They are designed to do more than develop the physical body, they relax and strengthen the nervous system, facilitate circulation, and improve flexibility.

“10 Minutes fitness” will guide you every day to do something for U! Best of all, you will learn how to maintain your new figure with determination you can make it …. and you won’t believe it when you see the results! If you miss a day don’t be hard on yourself, just continue the day after that. When you are ill, listen to your body.

Fotinis’ “10 Minutes fitness” burning programme” is comprised of five different challenging yoga sessions for each day of the week. She also provided a pair of warm -up stretches and a pair of cool down stretches.
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Yoga at the Aeginitissa beach - Fotini Bitrou

Yoga at the beach

Doing yoga on the beach can be one of the most pleasant and satisfying ways of relating to nature. The comforting sound of the waves and the soft light reflecting off the sea make yoga relaxing and revitalising, whether in the morning or at sunset.

Join Fotini’s Yoga lessons during your holiday! Yoga lessons have been held at the beach at Aiginitissa for the past seven years with great success. Each year the Aiginitissa beach hosts the lessons at the time when the sun is setting, with a wealth of unbelievable views and emotions. Every Friday at 20.00 in the evening from the beginning of July until the end of September Fotini looks forward to spending an hour with you for relaxation and good health. The obligatory accessories are just a towel and your swimsuit!

In the past two years Fotini has held yoga lessons in hotels in Aegina with a view of the sea, a series of lessons called “Be a part of it”, which were very successful. Fotini will soon announce on her site the programme with the hotels and the times of the lessons.

At the YouTube channel of Purefitness Fotini you can watch a lot of video’s with yoga poses that you can practice before your holiday!
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Pure Fitness by Fotini Bitrou - Live Different Be Pure



To learn about Purefitness, watch the above 4 video’s or visit the Purefitness website for more information about the complete package that Fotini Bitrou is offering to get us in better shape. Read about the various trainings that are given at Kouros Gym. Check out the 10 minutes fitness exercises. Follow the blog to stay updated with Fotini’s  health tips and much more.
Visit www.purefitness.gr

Kouros gym

Kouros Gym is open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday and is located in Aegina town.
Visit the Purefitness website for more information about the various classes. See the map at the right of this page for the exact location..
Visit www.purefitness.gr

About Fotini Bitrou

Fotini Bitrou is a gymnast and owner of Kouros Gym in Aegina. She was a founder of the O.A. KOUROS AIGINAS athletics group in Aegina, where she was president for five years. She practiced athletics for 12 years (800-1500 m) and was track champion and a member of the National Team many times.

During the last 14 years she concentrated on aerobic and weights, and has participated in similar Fitness events..

The last five years she specialises in Yoga and Pilates. She teaches Hatha, Restorative, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga at Kouros Gym. She gives gymnastic lessons (kids yoga, kids trampoline and childhood choreography and musical movement) to children aged 3-18 years. Every summer she also gives swimming lessons for children.
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