Personal Training


If you are in a leaky boat, its good to make a start. But if you find that the boat is taking on more water than you can remove, then you need an urgent change of plan!

We are here for you, to meet all your needs, in whatever environment makes you feel most comfortable.

We will begin with a complete body check to get a first idea of your needs!

With regard to the control of fat, our body’s strategy is ‘better safe than sorry’ – which leads to the maintenance of fat when we are under stress, as the body’s way of dealing with the uncertainty of our environment. So we have become efficient fat storage engines, putting on weight even if we eat less, increasing the risk of diabetes and cardio-vascular problems.

We are ready to personalise a plan which will bring immediate results. Everyone needs their plan personalised based on their own life-style.

The objective of the Personal Training plan is to help everyone, and especially those who live a very busy life, or even a sedentary one to be able to change their lives without great difficulty and effort.

We look forward to meeting you to discus a fitness programme which will, along with our pleasant environment, inspire you to make your life so much better!