10 Minutes Fitness Change your Life now

We all want to lose weight, to be able to wear a size smaller clothes, to look healthier and to glow in the way that comes only from true spiritual and physical health. Of course its easier to say than to do, but with the 10 minutes fitness our words become actions! The ten minute fitmess exercises are called asanas, they are based on empowering, toning and maintaining our bodies in prime physical condition. They are designed not only to improve your body and increase flexibility but they also strengthen and relax the nervous system and improve circulation. The 10 minutes fitness enables you to do something for yourself in your daily life! And best of all you will learn how to maintain your new body! With a little willpower it can be easily done… and you won’t believe how fast it works. If you miss a day, don’t despair, simply continue the next one. If you get ill, listen to your body – that will guide you. My programme is made up of five different daily yoga exercises. I have also added some exercises to warm you up and cool you down, to use when you’ve done your ten minute fitness exercises.

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