A special Yoga Retreat with Fotini Bitrou at The Westin Costa Navarino, 2020

A special Yoga Retreat with Fotini Bitrou at The Westin Costa Navarino, 2020

With great anticipation I was preparing to organize, for the second time, after 2017, the Yoga Retreat on the four-day vacation of Clean Monday 2020 at the very special and impressive The Westin Costa Navarino in Pylos, Messinia. It was like I had left something unfinished last time and I came back with a big group of people to live a special experience of wellness in a place where sustainability, environment and authentic hospitality are paramount values.
Yoga Retreat Costa Navarino
Every time I’m looking for the right words to describe in the best possible way my feelings, after every one of my Yoga Retreats. In a place, that can’t be compared to anything else, The Westin Costa Navarino, set the conditions for another successful retreat. There were many activities, classes both in the morning and the evening focused on the wheel (yoga wheel), walks on the beach, the endless golf courses and Voidokilia, treatments at the award-winning Anazoe Spa, tennis, swimming and aqua gym in the indoor pool and cycling. Breakfast and dinner at the restaurants of the hotel were another special experience.
The most beautiful journey is the one we take inside us

We enjoyed the Messinian nature at its best. Centenarians, golden-green olive groves, sandy beaches spread upon the Ionian coastline and a delicate, refreshing sea breeze accompanied out first true spring day outing.

We got rid of the burdens of winter and loaded up our energy systems

During the four-day vacation of Clean Monday there were many activities at the hotel, such as traditional cooking, kite making, “lagana” making, a historical reassure hunt and of course kite flying on Clean Monday.
Fotini Bitrou 


Yoga Retreat Costa Navarino



Dear Fotini, thank you for allowing me once again to experience these unique, enchanting, warm, luminous (haha) moments that warm up your soul, light up your spirit and fill you up with gratitude… in life, in nature, in light… Keep up and I’ll follow you on new paths!
My dear teacher, I admire you for your authenticity, your correctness and your energy. Every lesson next to you is always memorable. Thank you for everything!!!
My dear Fotini, my words are weak compared to what I’m feeling due to the beautiful moments of peace and tranquility you’ve given me. I wish you keep sharing your light and your knowledge and take back all of our love and gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for the beautiful and special moments of yoga we shared for the first time, always smiling at Costa Navarino!!
G & L.
My dear Fotini, my husband and I had the best time at Costa Navarino. I admired how organized and pleasant you all were, from the reservations to the van, the hotel to the yoga sessions. Thank you very much for everything and I hope to take part in more of your trips in the future. Your new friend,
Thank you very much, Fotini!
My Fotini, my bright star, every time is a new experience. Thank you!
Fotini, what a wonderful retreat. As always, you and Petros organized everything perfectly. We enjoyed the hotel, the people who follow you, your yoga classes and the new things you taught us (wheel!!!)
Dear Fotini, during the retreat I felt alive and refreshed and I connected with awesome souls. I’m sending you a big hug and wish you all the best! I hope to come to more of your retreats in the future!
It was my first time at a retreat but it won’t be my last! Thank you! I have a wonderful time! See you soon. And “my colleague” – your helper was INCREDIBLE!
My love, everything was great! I wish you and your family all the best!
You give us a lot of positive energy and I hope you get it back with light and much love! I hope you take many more beautiful trips and you have whatever your heart desires!
We had a fantastic three-day vacation!! We shared the love, energy and craziness… Thank you for the incredible experiences we shared.
My sweet Fotini, thank you for your willingness to take care of us in the best possible way. I wish you, Petros and little Dimitra are forever healthy, happy and you enjoy the gifts of life and our warm wishes.
On a very clean Monday in the southern corner of Greece, we enjoy the last moments of a great excursion. Thank you very much for showing us self-consciousness, helping us come close to our bodies and the gorgeous images. Fotini and Petro, I wish to see you soon! It was an unforgettable experience.
Incredible! Everything was great! I left asking my teacher to do it again in 2021! Thank you for the experience!!
Thank you very much for the four-day yoga retreat at Costa Navarino, Fotini. It was more creative and relaxing than I was expecting. It was what I needed and you and Petros both gave me lots of positive energy in order to move on! I hope you keep up the good work with the same amount of positive energy in order to make us have fun. Thank you very much!
Thank you, Fotini, for the perfect yoga experience. I had a wonderful time.
It was an amazing trip and one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you!
Magnificent and unique experience! Thank you, Fotini!