Yoga and SUP in Tolo, the “Copacabana” of Argolis region Greece

Yoga and SUP in Tolo, the “Copacabana” of Argolis region Greece

Tolo is a village in the prefecture of Argolis, built along a beach of the Argolic Bay. By taking advantage of its beautiful long beach and its proximity to the stunning town of Nafplio – which is only 8 km away -, Tolo has achieved a significant touristic development.

The natural beauty of the bay, the calmness of the scenery and the exquisite archeological sites (Mycenae, Epidaurus) transform Tolo in a constantly evolving touristic resort that hosts tourists from all over the world.

Through this action, we enjoyed a beautiful weekend full of yoga, SUP yoga paddle boarding and boat rides to one of the three gorgeous little islands that are located across, called Romvi, with its wonderful pine forest. The clam sea and the entrance of the port between the mainland and Romvi resembling a narrow passage out of a pirate novel. Just by looking at a map, it is easy to understand that Romvi was the extension of the mainland and that some geological phenomenon wanted to make an island of it. Tolo owes almost all of its picturesque charm to Romvi, with the warmth of its little cove where small boats of all colors, are sunbathing carefree of the winds. Our boat goes around Romvi in order to arrive at the little treasure that is hiding behind it, at its southern side, Daskalio, our first moorage, filled with peace.

A group of 20 people from all over the world and with the exceptional organization and hospitality by the WaterFun school we performed yoga in and out of the water, on and down of the SUP, letting the bathers see something they have never seen before.

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