SUP Yoga Aegina Το «Stand Up Paddle (SUP)  boarding»  is an ancient form of surfing which is gaining in popularity worldwide. Even though it involves high intensity exercise it doesnt over-burden the body or cause injury, which is why it is ideal for a group fitness programme like yoga. Those who are familiar with “Srand Up Paddle Boarding” say its like “walking on water” as it can only be done on lakes and seas without waves, like the Mediterranean.
A surfboard paddle is just like a surboard, only thicker and wider so that you can stand upright on it. The programme includes moving through the water with the board and a long paddle, on a calm sea and uses the plank for exercises such as push-ups, squats and crunches for abs and back. It trains 85% of the bodies muscles whether you are experienced or a beginner.
The origins of SUP are to be found in ancient Polynesia and it has now been revived as a modern exercise method by Hawaiian surfers. This sport becomes more and more popular every day and now we have it in our country.
My personal experience is that it is one of the best forms of fitness for body and spirit – and in summer, if you love both yoga and the sea and you have the chance to holiday in Aegina, contact Kouros gym to make an appointment!