Power Yoga Aegina

Yoga is an India art which is made up of a series of positions and movements which aim to create bodily and spiritual relaxation.

It combines stretching and strength-building exercises and breathing methods which are deeply connected to meditation.

Thus power yoga brings traditional yoga one step further. Many of the positions seem like classic exercises but the difference with power yoga is the rhythm with which they are done. So, like pilates the trainee doesn’t take any breaks but goes smoothly from one position to the next while keeping their breathing stable, this develops the muscular strength and lung capacity.

How is it different?

The main way that power yoga differs is that it is a breathing technique known as ujjayi, and is an integral part of the process. The beginner learns slowly but surely how to use the technique with the help of the teacher who will observe every movement. The big advantage of power yoga is that the ujjayi energises the nervous system allowing a deep meditation and leaving the practitioner with a long-lasting feeling of well-being. As professional teachers claim, power yoga is a very intense form of bodily exercise because large muscle groups are exercised together.

In five minutes all the group of practitioners will be sweating profusely getting rid of a lot of fluid, and while all those who regularly practice this method will discover within two months their bodily strength will have dramatically increased as well as their flexibility.