Hota Yoga

Fetch your towel, your water bottle, wear little clothing and let’s go! No, we’re not going to the beach, we are off to do Hot Yoga. Imagine a gym hall where it is as hot as an August heatwave…!!!

Suddenly you feel that your skin is burning. And that’s not all, not only do you have to deal with the heat but you have to do a series of yoga exercises. You might want to ask me if I’ve gone mad! I shall reply that with this method you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour, your whole body will become taut and you will acheive a suppleness which even acrobats will enjoy!

What is different about this yoga? 

The exercises are the same as the classic ones of Hatha Yoga, the difference is in the temperature! The room has to be at least 40.6οC in order to heat up the muscles and make you perspire. This enables you to get the absolute most out of gymnastics. The body rids itself of toxins with the perspiration and burns calories very fast.

The sweat which pours off is the same as if you ran fast for 40 whole minutes without stopping. At the same time, the heat protects the muscles from straining and they work better.

What does Hot Yoga offer?

Just exercising twice a week you will see a massive difference in not only your body but also your mood. Anyway, you will find that this occurs even the very first time you try it. Exercising with Hot Yoga you will:

1. Acquire elasticity. Hot Yoga helps to increase one’s ease of movement and the avoidance of trauma during exercise and it also helps old muscular traumas to heal. You will begin to notice a difference in posture as the spine gets stronger, it tightens and straightens.

2. You will lose weight It’s not easy to find any other form of exercising which helps you to burn 1,000 calories in just one hour. Hot Yoga increases your heart rate, helps you to sweat which results in burning calories while at the same time  targeting the oxidation of lipids of cells which burn fat.

3. You will feel better, and rid yourself of stress, with the combination of the three in Hot Yoga –  exercise, the deep breathing and the meditation. The effort of the brain to coordinate the positions in a hot environment will help to lift you out of your everyday problems and cleanse your mind of things that make you anxious. At the same time the Hot Yoga exercises enhance the secretion of melatonin in the body. What does that mean? It means that at last you can sleep peacefully without worries.

4. You will protect your body. The high temperature acts like a controlled fever. As the body increases its heat to destroy the flu virus, so doing yoga at 40 degrees increases the production of white blood cells which fight infections and bacteria . Our bodies also produce more interferon (proteins which are produced and are freed by the white cells) which increases the production of anti-bodies.

5. You will feel relief from pain. Yoga promotes lubrication of the joints which in turn relieves feelings of stiffness and general discomfort, it is both preventive and active. Imagine that you have covered your whole body with a huge hot pad, isnt that a great relief? At the same time, you are doing the exercises which will protect your waist and knees from aches and pains! Finally, many of the hot yoga exercises free tensions from the area of the neck and shoulders, when those areas are relaxed, the circulation of the blood is improved and headaches are lessened or disappear completely.

There is a form of Hot Yoga made up of 26 exercises in a room up to 40 degrees celcius , which warms the muscles and removes toxins from the body, this is called Bikram Yoga.