Yoga Aegina Greece

In our studio you will get to know Yoga through breathing exercises, methods of relaxation, and bodily exercises which contribute to your body’s balance and general health. The types of yoga are power yoga and asana yoga (based on bodily strength) also raja yoga (based on meditation).

I’m lucky that I have the chance to share what I love. I love to share moments of silence as well as moments of dynamic expresssion of the body and soul. After each lesson I realise what binds us, the breath, the need for health, peace and the thirst after knowledge and light!

My love for bodily knowledge, movement and the different ways of using energy is what led me onto the path of yoga. All the levels of yoga lessons make up a series of practices which strengthen the body, calm the mind and lead us to a more harmonious and balanced state of being. They are made up of Asanas (positions), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and relaxation at the lesson’s end.

Why choose Yoga? 

•  It gives great flexibility and movement in the joints.
•  Correcting the position of the spine relieves pain in the back and the neck.
•  It calms the nervous system, relieves tension and combats stress
•  Improves the musculature and sculpts the body
•  As well as the nervous system it is good for the heart and the circulation
•  Enhances respiratory function

Everyone can do yoga whatever the gender or age, certain positions and exercises must be avoided during pregnancy and menstruation. When you start you need light and comfortable clothing (no shoes) for freedom of movement. A space warm and calm should give you the right conditions for yoga. Like all forms of exercise it must not be done on a full stomach and don’t forget before you start to get advice from your doctor, especially if you have some health problems.
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Fotini Bitrou
Yoga Instructor |  RYT-200 | Graduate Athens University (TEEFA)