swimming lessons

If you are thinking “My child really needs to learn to swim properly, because the sea can be dangerous”, then come along to us so that we can make sure he/she begins correctly.
Many parents want their children to become involved in athletics in some way or another, because they know that involvement in athletic activities helps children to grow up and develop their character in a healthy environment.
Because they are so young, their training programmes are particularly important as well as the goals they are set.
Unfortunately in most cases there are no special knowledge informing the choice of athletics and how to judge the training methods. Swimming is one branch of athletics which is a good way to create a basis for the child’s proper development, to find and cultivate his/her own talents.
Each year for the past 17 years I have taught 70 – 100 children how to swim each summer– in all I have taught around 1,000 children. Swimming should start at a very young age. Our summer classes are for children – girls and boys aged between 3 years old to 15 years old. For children under 3 years of age, there are special lessons.
Lessons start every year in the last week of June at: the ‘A’ beach in Marathonas, Avra beach and Agia Marina beach.
The children are put into groups by age and ability. At the end of the summer there is a swimming display in the sea-water pool at the Irides studios in Aegina. All those taking part receive a diploma and a cup.
If you would like your child to learn how to swim in all the styles, even the basics of lifesaving (advanced level), all you have to do is call Kouros gym to book a place.
Fotini Bitrou