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1st Yoga Marathon in Marathonas Aegina

16/09/2018 @ 11:00 - 14:00€25
  • This event has passed.
Do you feel like you would want to keep your summer vacation going a little bit longer? … Do you want to enjoy a special experience, combining yoga and a mini escape from Athens?
We have the answer to that! We invite you to the 1st Yoga Marathon in Marathonas Aegina beach that host Yoga House (Athens) and Pure Fitness (Aegina). On a one-day excursion, you can combine your participation in the yoga marathon with swimming on the beaches of Aegina and enjoy the events at Fistiki Fest, Aegina’s largest festival event.
See the full program for Fisitiki Festival here…
For the needs of the 1st Yoga Marathon, the beach area is to be formed with a special floor and relative shading for that event.
  • Hatha Flow yoga 11: 00-12: 30 Christos Charikiopoulos
  • Yoga Trans Dance 12:30 -13: 15 Katerina Spyropoulou
  • Restorative & Yoga Nidra 13: 30-14: 30 Fotini Bitrou
All the above practices are open to practitioners of all levels, without serious injuries.
A description of each practice can be found at the end of the text.


Participation: €25 for the entire Yoga Marathon or € 15 for individual entries
Limited seats on the platform, reserve your seat on time!
Entries: fotini@purefitness.gr +30 6932431281


Bank transfer
GR 1902603710000350100194261 (Fotini Bitrou – Eurobank)
GR 5501102410000024100179902 (Fotini Bitrou – Εθνική Τράπεζα)
or On-line

Information about Aegina

You can combine the 1st Yoga Marathon in Aegina with a one-day excursion to the island by ferry from Piraeus (www.openseas.gr).
The beach of Marathon 2nd – Bocampo (google map: https://goo.gl/maps/X2tqDoLSCQz) is 5,7 km, approximately 12’ by car or motorbike and is regularly connected by bus (direction to Marathonασ-Perdika, itineraries: https://www.aeginaportal.gr/ktel.html).
In addition, the taxi ride costs about €8 and can be shared by 3 people.
Hatha Flow Yoga (Christos)
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The most classic Yoga method in which you will find a balanced combination that focuses on basic body alignment and therapeutic principles. Breathing observation is an integral part of practice, which provides stretching and empowerment by staying in different positions (asanas). It aims to help the person concerned to develop his / her awareness with the ultimate goal of inner balance and harmony. The body is the starting point. But as long as one continues their practice, they discovers that the union of the body with the mind and the spirit is the path to peace.


Yoga Trance Dance (Katerina)
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Βουτιά μέσα στην θέρμη της καρδιάς και απόλυτη απελευθέρωση της ύπαρξης.
Το Yoga Trance Dance είναι μία ιδιαίτερη πρακτική που ξεφεύγει από τους κανόνες και τις απόλυτες ευθυγραμμίσεις δίνοντας στον ασκούμενο την δυνατότητα της προσωπικής έκφρασης χωρίς περιορισμούς. Στόχος της πρακτικής αυτής είναι να αφήσουμε όλα τα αναδυόμενα συναισθήματα να εκφραστούν μέσα από την κίνηση. Μία γιορτή όπου καθένας μας αφήνει τις σκέψεις μακριά και οδηγείται από την θέρμη της καρδιάς σε μία εκστατική – διαλογιστική κατάσταση. Ο νους απεγκλωβίζεται από τους καταναγκασμούς και ο πραγματικός Εαυτός αναδύεται.
Η πρακτική είναι κατάλληλη για όλα τα επίπεδα ασκούμενων με καλή φυσική κατάσταση.


Restorative  & Nidra Yoga (Fotini)
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Restorative or otherwise Gentle Yoga is an affordable practice with an emphasis on awareness and therapeutic approach. The goal is to serve those seeking a milder form of yoga that supports their current physical, mental and spiritual needs. The pace of the class is calm and soothing and we focus on breathing, we offer therapeutic modifications taking into consideration the particular needs of each student. Gentle & curative yoga offers an integrated approach where all the muscles and joints involved are moving slowly, easily to provide the greatest benefit. It reduces tension in the spine, increases joint stability, reduces stress and blood pressure, calms the nervous system, relieves areas with stiffness, improves balance and coordination. Gentle yoga is easy enough, affordable and can be quite useful to beginner or experienced students who wish to offer themselves the gift of gentle care.
The Classes will be delivered in Greek Language with immediate translation in English Language.

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Venue Name: Bocampo beach bar
Address: Μαρθώνας Αίγινα
Αίγινα, Αττικής 18010 Ελλάδα

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Organizer Name: Fotini Bitrou
Phone: +30 6932431281