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Φωτεινή ΜπήτρουFotini Bitrou is a Yoga Instructor, gymnast and owner of the Kouros studio in Aegina. She was founder of the classic athletics (track) team in Aegina of which she was president for 5 years, and she was involved for 12 years with classic athletics (800 – 1,500 metres) and was track champion in many appearances with the National Team of Greece.
For 14 years she has been dealing systematically with aerobic and weights and has participated for Fitmess in many such events. During the past ten years she has been involved with Yoga and Pilates – she teaches Hatha, Restorative, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. Certified Yoga teacher 500 hrs Allance with more than 7.500hrs yoga experience
It should be noted that Fotini is a professional lifequard. She trains children aged from 3 – 18 years of age in swimming, gymnastics, kids yoga, kids trampoline and childrens dance and music and movement.


She has been trained in Yoga as a Yoga teacher with prestigious teachers: Sri Dharma Mittra, Vie Binga, Tim Ganley , Andrea Mende, Valerie Saier, Christos Harikopoulos, Katerina Spiropoulou, Marina Amar Dev Ktisti and Gea Liaskou.

Brief biography

  1. Graduate of University of Athens (Physical Education and Sport Science)
  2. Participation in the National Track Team:
    1. First in the University championship at Olympia in 1996
    2. Participation in the World motocross in Japan (State National Team) 1998
    3. First in National Championships in 800m track in 1999
    4. Third in National Championships 1,500 metres in 1999
    5. Second in the Mediterranean Fitness Championship in Cyprus in 2000
    6. Third in Balkan Fitness Games in Istanbul in 2001
    7. First in National Fitness Championships in 2003
    8. Hird in Balken Fitness Championships in 2003

Fotini says:
“The most exciting school I have been in during the last few years, is life itself. This is why I continue with undiminished interest my studies around fitness, attending seminars, talks and classes in both Greece and abroad, believing it to be important to always be a student of life!
The team at Kouros gym is always with you to show you the area and help you feel at home, our slogan has always been “become the change you want to see!”
You make the programme that suits you dependant on your needs and endurance and we are always by your side to help you!”


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