10 Reasons to Take Up Aerial Yoga

10 Reasons to Take Up Aerial Yoga

A new trend in exercise is to hang upside down from a cloth hammock in different postures of yoga that strengthen the body and calm the brain

Article by Dimitra Papada, Aerial Yoga instructor

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What is Aerial Yoga?
Aerial Yoga (Aerial Yoga) is a type of exercise that combines the well-known yoga postures with the strengthening of the body, which is offered by the suspension, ie the “lack of” gravity, as the practitioner is in a hammock. Surely having a familiarity with classic yoga will help you get used to this type of exercise faster, as well as having a relatively good physical condition – but that does not exclude those who want to try it, as there are also special beginner lessons. Because of posture, however, it is contraindicated to people with hypertension or glaucoma, to pregnant women, to those who are prone to dizziness and to those who have recently been treated.
You do not have to worry about falling down – hammocks are designed to hold hundreds of pounds, they are not too high and underneath are protective mats
When the initial fear is overcome, exercises begin to give you a sense of freedom. The exercises are performed without shoes and (obviously) without full stomachs. If you are tired or feel that you can not do a particular exercise, just get a neutral resting position that you feel comfortable with until you can resume.

Aegina Aerial Yoga

10 reasons to take up Aerial Yoga

1. Muscular empowerment

2. Special strengthening of the abdomen thanks to the constant use of the center of gravity for balance in the air, on the shoulders and hands, thanks to the attractions you are invited to do

3. Correct posture and alignment of the whole body

4. Decompression of the vertebrae and tight joints and full spinal extension

5. relieve musculoskeletal pain

6. Oxygenation of the brain and relaxation of the heart in reverse

7. Well-being thanks to the control of breathing and the regulation of the hormonal system with the upright postures

8. Avoid compression in the neck or back during exercises as they become ‘counter’ to gravity

9. Awakening of the idea, the ability of our central nervous system to bring the various parts of the body together, in other words the inner sense of communication between the various parts of the body

10. Self-confidence thanks to the feeling of freedom and the “investment” of the exercise with the fun element of the “acrobatic”


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