Stay at home and burn calories

Stay at home and burn calories

Are you stuck at home trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 and wonder how many calories you’re consuming in self-isolation?
Below you can see how many calories a 68kg woman burns by doing daily chores. Men and women that weigh more will burn more calories.
To calculate exactly how many calories you burn, divide the numbers below by 150 and then multiply by your weight.

ACTIVITY         –           CALORIES PER 15 MINUTES

Home cleaning            39

Window cleaning        45

Gardening                   80

Lawn mowing (with handheld machine)        87

Cooking                       27

Leave picking with a rake       72

Furniture moving        90

Dusting                        40

Dish washing               45

Digging                        100

Vacuuming                  45

Floor wiping                65

Wallpapering              48

Floor scrubbing           87

Snow shoveling           63