A Unique Yoga Retreat Destination: Alternative Kythera

A Unique Yoga Retreat Destination: Alternative Kythera

Kythera was the destination I chose to begin with a unique Yoga Retreat the summer of 2019. Together with my team from all over the world (Singapore, China, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands and all over Greece), we experienced an island that was all blooming, tidy, clean, an island where white and the bright blue of the sea combined with splendid lavender and sembreviva (a well-known Kythera plant) scents dominate and wild beauties that made an incredible scenery.
In this place, on a rock, we set up, along with Kaladi Rocks, one of the most beautiful outdoor halls in Greece with a special floor, shade and cover from the winds on one of the most beautiful coasts of Kythera, Kaladi’s cliff. This space’s design took more than 8 months and I am proud to help create new yoga destinations with ideal exercise and wellness conditions.
What more to ask?

N. Kazantzakis said:
To cruise around the earth, to see – to see and not to get satisfied…
Culinary speaking, it is the best season because there is great abundance and variety of foods. Every night we tasted unique flavors from Mrs. Evanthia in the beautiful tavern of Skandia.
We shared 8 practices in the mornings and afternoons with the 5 natural elements strongly present.

It is the time that the element of Fire is active.
All living organisms, like humans, consist of two elements that have strength and I mean fire and water. They are sufficient for each other, but also for anything else. The strength that each one has is this one. Fire can always move everything and water can always feed everything…
Hippocrates – On Diet
An island that encompasses the element of water, and has given us the opportunity to go hiking in the Foniessa and Feraida waterfalls and watermills with plazas full of plane trees. We visited beaches for all tastes, from parents with children to loving couples with crystal blue waters like Kaladi, Diakofti, Kapsali, Ablemonas. I would like to make a special mention to Chora with its beautiful little shops, the archaeological museum and the unparalleled view from the castle as well as to Avlemonas, a bay that looked like a movie’s scenery.
It was a real revelation for me – an island that deserves to be visited.

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